MSJCIA Summer School is Back!

Collaboration06After a brief hiatus imposed by California’s budget crisis, Internet Authoring classes are back in the summer schedule at Mt San Jacinto College (MSJC). This means you will be able to enroll in the following classes this summer:

  • CSIS 103 Introduction to the Internet (fully online)
  • CSIS 115a Web Development Level 1 (fully online and face-to-face)

Follow this link to begin the enrollment process:
MSJC Enrollment Services

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What most schools don’t teach MSJCIA does

What most schools don’t teach MSJCIA does teach – YouTube

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MSJCIA Launches Facebook Page

FacebookLikeIconTo celebrate the addition of the MSJC Internet Authoring program’s new Facebook page please click this link and Like Us on Facebook. #mul116

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RT @googlecloud “Build at the speed of Google

RT @googlecloud “Build at the speed of Google. Get $300 in credit towards a 60-day free trial:  …” #mul116

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Being Fearless with HTML5

What holds a lot of potential students back from attempting Web development is a fear of the unknown. Let’s face it the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) can be pretty intimidating when you are on the outside looking in. This week’s MSJC Internet Authoring videocast will take you on the inside and show you how simple to use the HTML5 language really is.

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The Impact of HTTP/2 on Web/Mobile Application Development

This week’s Internet Authoring podcast highlights an MSJC student question regarding the affect that HTTP/2 will have on Web/Mobile application development. Internet Authoring coordinator, Bill Bennett, responds to this student question with insights that will benefit all Web/Mobile application developers.

Listen to this week’s MSJC Internet Authoring podcast.

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Developers Ranked #1 & #4 in Tech Jobs

badge_best-technology-jobsU.S. News and World Report ranked software developers as their #1 technology job for 2015 citing a median salary of $96,660 per year and ranked Web Developers #4 based in part on a U.S. Labor Department report touting it as one of the fastest growing jobs of the decade. One other perk, a large portion of these jobs will be located in the Golden State.

While the major universities have remained fairly stagnant in their computer science (CS) curriculum, the more nimble community colleges like MSJC in Menifee, California and College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California have evolved their curriculum keeping in step with the current Web/Mobile application development revolution. And it truly is a revolution in digital development that is occurring as software development and Web development morph into a single entity bringing a quicker and larger return on investment (ROI) for foresighted companies who have been early adopters of newer software development and distribution opportunities.

The capability to develop a single application which will run on all major modern Web browsers, all modern mobile device operating systems, as wells as desktop operating systems like Windows, OS X, and Linux is made possible by integrated development environments (IDEs) like Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the open source Eclipse, along with the latest iteration of technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and ASP.NET all of which had previously been exclusive to Web-only development environments.

This is great news for students of MSJC’s Internet Authoring program who are being trained in the skills and technologies needed to fill both these job categories. The Web/Mobile/Desktop development opportunities abound. It is an exciting time to be learning, teaching, and working in the field of software application development. This is also why it is important to start building electronic portfolios now in readiness for job interviews that will undoubtedly be interviewed for in the near future.

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