InternetAuthoringInternet Authoring (IA) is a cutting-edge career for the 21st century and there is a considerable amount of industry demand for skilled workers. As a Web developer you will experience an exciting and rewarding career that is beyond compare. Internet Authoring combines creative inspiration with technical know-how giving scholars the opportunity to develop high-paying skills and the ability to excel in a plethora of exhilarating work environments.

A Web developer needs to have a wealth of knowledge and skills to be successful in today’s very competitive job market. MSJC’s Internet Authoring program is designed for student success. The Internet Authoring program is one of the school’s most technical as well as challenging programs, but it keeps students engaged and on track by utilizing empirically tested learning and instructional strategies combined with cutting-edge technologies. The program creates real world scenarios and real world challenges for scholars to accomplish and learn from. TheInternet Authoring program is organized into sequential layers beginning with courses that build foundational skills and ending with courses which give scholars the expertise they need to tackle today’s sophisticated Web development environments.

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