GoDaddy Gives the Finger to Web Developers on 4th of July

ChatLineGoDaddy gave Web developers worldwide a big F-you on the Fourth of July this year by suspending all their free hosting accounts originally earned as part of the purchasing agreement with GoDaddy when registering a new domain name with them. Apparently, now that GoDaddy is owned by a multi-national corporate conglomerate all they care about is squeezing Web developers for every penny they have. GoDaddy claims that because Microsoft no longer supports the OS running on their Web servers that somehow that negates their agreement to Web developers. If you buy that, we have some land in Brooklyn you might be interested in. Apparently GoDaddy is unfamiliar with the process of upgrading a server’s operating system – a technical challenge of awe inspiring proportions; lol.

GoDaddy used to be a good hosting company and domain registrar back in the day when it was still owned by founder Bob Parsons, but now, ever since a multi-national conglomerate took over GoDaddy they have been continually increasing prices while decreasing free services. The final punch in the gut coming Saturday on the Fourth of July when GoDaddy shutdown all free Web hosting and database services without any prior notice. All attempts to reach GoDaddy for an explanation have been futile including waiting over an hour on their customer service chat line while the screen read the estimated wait was 1 to zero minutes.

All good things must come to an end and so shall the relationship between Web developers, who made GoDaddy wealthy, and the all mighty multi-national corporation who has only one pursuit in life – greed. Since it is now blatantly obvious that GoDaddy no longer has any respect for Web developers, Web developers should reciprocate in spades. If you are a Web developer who lost your free Web hosting from GoDaddy on their July 4th ambush or a new Web developer just starting out, here is a list of some of the better Web hosting alternatives available: Google Cloud Services, Windows Azure, Amazon Web HostingiPage, bluehost, HostGator, and SiteBuilder.


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