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Advantages of HTTP2 Explained

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  • The target audience in this Mashable Ask A Dev video is Web Developers.
  • The author claims HTTP2 will speed up the transfer of Web pages and its assets over the Internet faster than HTTP 1.1.
  • The authors supports his claim citing multiplexing, server push, and a change in format as the reason for the improvement.
  • Indirectly the author raises the question how can Web developers best exploit the new features of HTTP.
  • No other questions were raised.
  • This video should help most Web/mobile developers better understand the improvements made by HTTP2 to the transport of Web data over the Internet.

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Best Language for Android Development

  • The target audience for this Mashable Ask A Dev video is potential Android Developers who are most likely already Apple IOS developers.
  • The Authors informs viewers how to decide between using objective C or Swift when developing Android Applications.
  • Author using how will you learn and what do you want to learn as criteria for making your decision.
  • One question raised in the video is what is Swift? Turns out it is an Apple developed mobile language that supports IOS and OS X.
  • The big question is how objective is this author when you consider he himself is a Apple developer.
  • This video would be most helpful to Apple developers looking to extend their reach into the much bigger Android market.

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How to Develop a Watch Face for Android Wearables

Mashable-AndroidWearThe target audience for this Mashable Ask A Dev video is Android developers who want to code for Android wearables.

The author informs his audience of which APIs and APKs are needed to code for the Android watch.

The question raised in this videos is how different is coding for Android wearables as opposed to Android phones and tablets.

Beginning Android developers might also question how they would get access to the APIs and APKs mentioned in the video.

This video will be most helpful to experienced Android developers who already have some experience coding for Android wearables.

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